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Avinash Kumar
Student | Linux-User

After installing a fresh Linux Distro Ubuntu, you should probably do these following things to super charge your Linux experience.

  • First thing you should setup after installing the Ubuntu OS is setup the live patch system, it allows you to install and update the Linux kernel without restarting the system. It’s not recommended for personal computer but if you want you can use this feature.

Crio Launch is a completely free and app-based solution that promises to offer real product development experience to students and empowers them with relevant technical skills. Crio help me alot in learning Development and the most interesting Linux, Since I’m Linux user from last 2 months. I have polished my skills with Crio.Do. Thanks so much for that, I just invested my time and I get introduce to the industry level development how’s everything goes inside a MNC.

Thanks for also, selecting me in stage 2. I am very excited to learn new things again.


1969: Birth of ‘C’ and ‘UNIX OS’.

1970: Growth of UNIX because of open-source collaboration commercial sale of UNIX.

1980: Companies developing their own UNIX: IBM(AIX), Solaris(Sun OS), HP(HP-UX) …

Mid-to-late’s 1980: Birth of free software movement -> GNU Project.

1990: Linux Torvalds put the Linux kernel source code online resulted in usage of ‘Linux + GNU’.

Various Linux Distribution:

  1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): Commercial Linux distribution intended for servers and workstations.

Debugger: A debugger or debugging tool is a computer program used to test and debug other programs. The main use of a debugger is to run the target program under controlled conditions that permit the programmer to track its operations in progress and monitor changes in computer resources that may indicate malfunctioning code.

To start a debug session in a program first you have to make a break-point from where the malfunctioning is happening in the code, for e.g, below is a program demonstrated:

Now, Click on Run Menu => Start Debugging, then the VS code will ask you to…

To create a heading, add #(pound) one to six before the Heading text. The number of # will determine the size of the heading

Styling Text:

You can indicate emphasis with bold, italic & strike through

If you have uninstalled the Notepad application and now want it back, you can easily reinstall it in just few steps, or if you lose it by mistake it’s just a few steps away to re-install it.

Step 1. Open Setting and Goto Apps & Features.

Step 2. In the Right Panel of the Window, Click on Optional Features.

In previous years, To create an application scratch a developer would have to struggle a lot. Because to create an s/w application it would take many steps beginning from coding, compiling, Testing, Debugging, Build, and Development. All these phases would need different packages to be installed and was difficult to maintain by a developer.

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a free source-code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. Features include support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. …

VS code is very powerful and very interactive code editor for beginners. Even most of the professional programmer also use the editor because of its versatile nature and the most popular reason is the vast extension library marketplace, owned by Microsoft.

Installing VS Code:

Download the proper configuration of VS Code for your system from their official website or follow the above link.

Leaving all setting to default just click next > next > next and it’s all done. As simple as that unless & until if you don’t do any circus to that.

After Opening it, you will see a welcome screen…

Really? We need this?

Well! Well! Let me answer your question, why?

I’m not going to bore you with usual definition that you’ll easily lookup on google.

Let me introduce what is Defragmentation first:

Defragmentation is just a simple technique that arranges all the related data together to a file, to speed up the average response time of HDD, the space is consolidated in one contiguous block; that free contiguous memory locations are available to store future data.

Well! I’m not going to write the boring old-school type paragraph in this content you usually see in the blog, In my personal experience, some word that describes the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is:

User Interface:

Navigation, Sub-Navigation, Menus, drop-downs, buttons, links, windows, rounded corners, shadowing, error messages, alerts, updates, checkboxes, password fields, search fields, text inputs, radio selections, text areas, hover states, selection states, pressed states, tooltips, banner ads, embedded videos, swipe animations, scrolling, clicking, iconography, colors, lists, slideshows, alt text, badges, notifications, gradients, pop-ups, carousels, OK/Cancel, etc. etc. etc.

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